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CPM Adnetwork

Spiroox CPM Adnetwork is our advertising network that provides access to billions of impressions per month. We work with over 400 advertisers and thousands of Publishers all over the world. The combination of Spiroox's optimisation technology for Real Time Bidding, alongside an appropriate inventory and our expertise in media buying, ensures that Spiroox CPM Adnetwork offers a profitable means of achieving different objectives for all kinds of advertisers.

Our highly qualified staff buy and sell media at optimum levels in order to achieve the best possible ROI for our advertisers. In this way we manage to reach global audiences with great potential.

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We buy media with our advanced predictive technology for Real Time Bidding. The RTB technology enables us to buy and evaluate each impression separately, according to how valuable users are for our campaign. To do this, we bid for specific users in line with the target audience sought by our client. We are able to target the right user at the right time and in the right place.

Unlike traditional purchases per thousand impressions (CPM), in which all users are treated the same, this new method allows us to target the most sought after users according to the objectives of each particular campaign. This way of buying is focused on user value and not on the position or support in which they are located. This allows us to generate significant coverage without having to buy Premium sites in specific locations.

Campaign launch

Compiling information

Real Time Bidding and Real Time Sourcing

Performance optimisation

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Appropriate costs and payment methods

We work according to our clients' needs, with different payment methods: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL, Dynamic CPM. Our Account Managers study carefully the most appropriate price and payment method according to the needs of each advertiser and campaign.

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Optimised and performance based

All campaigns are optimised daily to maximise our advertisers ROI, improving exposure, the quality of the leads, and the volume of sales.

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The right kind of traffic

Our Campaign Managers test out hundreds of traffic sources, sourcing those that convert the best for each campaign and focusing their efforts on them.


Given the complexity of the current environment, it is essential to reach the right target for your campaign, which is why we have compiled behavioural or retargeting lists.

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