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CPM Adnetwork

This is our worldwide advertising network, comprising a network of direct publishers with thousands of Websites and APPs which generate billions of impressions per month for thousands of international campaigns in different verticals all over the world.

The combination of Spiroox's optimisation technology for Real Time Bidding (RTB), alongside an appropriate inventory and our expertise in media buying, enable us to maximise profitability from our Publishers' traffic, obtaining the best eCPMs on the market.

Our highly qualified team will control and analyse the results obtained on a daily basis, optimising the campaigns that are performing the best on the basis of a multitude of variables, as well as seeking new opportunities in light of the analyses carried out.


  • RTB: media buying in real time
  • Models: CPM, dCPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, RevShare
  • Objectives: Performance, Branding, etc
  • Platforms: Web, Mobile
  • Media: Display, Video, Rich Media
  • Targeting: Behavioral, Channel, Socio-Demographic, Geographic, Retargeting

Benefits for the #Publisher

  • Best eCPMs on the market
  • Access to the Top Advertisers
  • Analysis, control and daily optimisation of traffic to generate greater returns
  • Dedicated Media Buyers
  • Top Campaigns by verticals on a global level
  • Control over ads and creative services provided
  • Timely payments

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